The Events Industry

Working in events every day is different! Working in events doesn’t usually require having a professional background – but it does require someone who is organised, professional, great at communication and more. At university there are now events management degrees, but having a university qualification is not the only way to get into the sector! […]

Working Within the IT Industry

IT is one of the vastly growing industries to work in. As technology improves, the amount of jobs available jobs always increases – there are just never enough. IT work is endless with so many opportunities and possibilities; there will always be a job you love here. Below are the types of sectors in the […]

The Best CV

Writing a CV can be diffucult as you just aren’t sure on what to include, but we have created a list below of what are the best things to do, and some more that aren’t so good – that you shouldn’t include. What You Should Do: Try and make it a pages length only Include […]