A buoyant industry

Boosted by high energy prices, everyone connected with the oil industry wants to do business, and ONS is the place for jobs The boom conditions seen in the international oil industry were recently reflected at the 2006 Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) conference, exhibition and festival. Held in Stavanger in Norway, from 22-25 August, this year’s event […]

Yell.com and Thomasglobal.com

Yell.com and Thomasglobal.com have announced a collaboration to offer global industrial search results. For the first time, Yell.com can now offer business-to-business search results from outside the UK. The agreement with New York-based Thomasglobal.com significantly expands Yell.com’s business-to-business search facility and reach, particularly for industrial classifications, which now extends to Europe, North and South America […]