Construction Industry

Construction unemployment has fallen to the lowest it ever has for over a decade now

Also, Construction has always been a fantastic option for a highly rewarding career.

Construction Industry is one of the most booming industries in the whole world.

An example of a company who have come a long way is ELC Ipswich who we’ve helped there now highly experienced and trusted roofers gain Level 2 apprenticeships from the eastern region training provider they now have over 1500 satisfied customers and have even worked on a huge project on a football Stadium (Portman Road)  so it shows that apprenticeships are a fantastic way to start your career.

This industry is mainly an urban based one which is concerned with preparation as well as construction of real estate properties.

The repairing of any existing building or making certain alterations in the same also comes under Construction Industry. See more

This industry can be categorized into three basic categories namely :
Construction involving heavy and civil engineering
The construction of large projects such as bridge, road, etc comes under this category.
General construction
The construction works that involve building of real estate ones such as residential or commercial real estate assets, etc.
Construction projects involving specialty trades
Construction works that involve building up of specialized items namely, electric related works, works on woods, etc