Finding a job in the Dental Industry

Five great reasons why dentistry is the career for you

Most of the dental health industry’s will have a dentistry degree.

Dentistry is a vocational degree that allows its graduates to develop their skills and knowledge into a more specialist role, gaining additional technical skills along the way.

What are some dental careers?

  • Dental Assistants

Dental Assistants role is to provide support to the dentist working with a patient. Thre are a number of roles carried out by a dental assistant including:

Prepping equipment (sterilisation), conducting and developing X-rays and, creating impressions of the patient’s mouth

Dental assistants also deal with patients, offering them advice about their treatment of procedure as well as offering advice on general ways to improve oral care.

Some dental assistants will be more qualified than others, these assistants may have more advanced roles such as administering anaesthetic and other dental treatments.

  • Dental Hygienists

Dental Hygienists have a more hands-on role that a dental assistant, who carry out duties such as the following: Dental cleaning, performing dental examinations in search of oral problems and diseases.

They too provide patients with advice on how to improve their dental health.

  • General Dentist

A general dentist is a dentist at the beginning of their career while they are the least qualified kind of dentist, they can perform a number of tasks in order to prevent any oral problems.

They also provide treatments such as fixing and removing prosthetics and existing treatments they also do procedures like root canals and tooth removal.

  • Orthodontist

Orthodontists work simply to fix the jaw and structure of teeth. They complete their treatments using a number of methods, including working with braces, retainers and other appliances.

The main goal of an orthodontists work is to straighten teeth and realign the jaw.

Orthodontics usually have their own practices working with younger patients, although there is no age limit on who they can treat.

Orthodontists that work with adult patients generally use more modern techniques such as clear aligners. Here’s some information about orthodontic careers.

Finding a job in the Dental Industry

  • Periodontist

A periodontist works with patients who have periodontal disease, a severe form of gum disease. There are many stages to gum disease, so the role of a periodontist also includes the prevention and reversal of gum disease before it turns into periodontal disease.

They work with a number of gum treatment options for patients, including laser gum treatment, implants and bone regeneration. Find out more about the specialist treatment and technology used from a periodontal specialist.

How much do Dentists Earn In the UK?
In the UK, the average wage for a dentist per anum is around £60,000, starting from around £30,000, of course, their salary increases as they progress in their career, through completing further training.

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