Technology Industry

Types of things which occur in the Technology industry 

Specializing in the design, development, manufacture and qualification of advanced composite products CTG use a range of composite materials and processes to manufacture products ranging from glass reinforced polyester and epoxy composites, to advanced carbon fibre reinforced systems.

Core Technologies

We specialise in the five-axis filament winding process, and also employ a cross section of other manufacturing techniques including resin infusion, hand lay-up, match face moulding and specialist in-house developed filament winding processes for the production of high performance suspension components for cryogenic applications.

Design & Development

Our cutting-edge design and development facilities include Finite Element Analysis, CAD, and composite analysis systems, to support a team of talented and dedicated development engineers. This set up means we thrive on developing new, off-the-shelf products and bespoke products to meet individual customer requirements, often where close customer liaison is required.


Our manufacturing facilities are highly flexible, capable of producing components in a spectrum of quantities, from one-offs to runs of several thousand components.

Testing & Inspection

In-house test and inspection facilities mean we are able to keep product development and qualification time and costs to a minimum, and give us total product and process knowledge.