The Events Industry

Working in events doesn’t actually require having a professional background – but it does require someone who are organised, sales professionals, good commutation skills and many more. – probably why this venue are experts at events.

At university there are now events management degrees that you can now get a degree in, but having a university qualification is not the only way to get into the sector!

Working in events, no day is the same as another! Each day is different and re-inventing to come up with creative exciting ideas. You will never get bored – everything is new.

Your Role In Events

From the begining you will overview the whole project from the first stages to the moment of the event.

Your daily duties might include:

  • discussing information with clients
  • producing original ideas for events
  • agreeing budgets and timescales with the client
  • researching venues, contacts and suppliers
  • negotiating prices with suppliers and contractors
  • booking venues, entertainment, equipment and supplies
  • hiring contractors, e.g. caters and security
  • publicising the event
  • managing a team

What’s so great about events

Working in events has many benefits:

The opportunity to travel – many people have travelled all over the world as part of their job- you can see great cities and places whilst working

Personal development – being in a fast paced environment it allows you to think off of your feet fast

View your work – you can see the impact your campaign has had before the actual event – you see how excited they are and how eager/

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