Working Within the IT Industry

IT is one of the vastly growing industries to work in. As technology improves, the amount of jobs available jobs always increases – there are just never enough.

IT work is endless with so many opportunities and possibilities; there will always be a job you love here.

Below are the types of sectors in the IT industry:

  • applications development
  • computer forensics
  • content management
  • cyber security and risk management
  • data analysis and analytics
  • games development
  • geographical information systems
  • hardware engineering
  • information management
  • consultancy
  • sales
  • multimedia programming
  • software engineering
  • systems/network management
  • technical support
  • telecommunications
  • web design/development

The Reality Of Working In IT

Many IT jobs can require some sort of qualification to start off – this gives a basis to begin from so you can progress further and further to become the best you can be.

The average starting salary is £30,000 – pretty good for a post graduate job.

The working hours are typically long – employers emphasise a 9-5 job, with overtime mandatory.

Possibility of working abroad – IT is the same everywhere you go and many companies widen their branches elsewhere.

Self-employment opportunities – many people working within the sector are now self-employed – when first becoming self-employed it can be difficult, get your help here.